Therapy usually begins when you feel either problems with yourself or with others. This could mean "I'm too nice," or " happiness is gone from life," or "I just can't adult the way I want to," or "I always end up fighting with my co-workers." I work alongside my clients in a caring, clear, easy-going way - both supporting you and challenging you. My style is earnest, inquisitive, thoughtful and thought provoking, as I help you handle issues in new ways.

My background is varied, and my clients diverse. I believe in helping folks be more like themselves, not fitting you into any prearranged role or stereotype. My core training is psychodynamic, and I also use other theories and methods from cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, Dialectical-Behavioral, narrative, systems, relational/cultural, post-feminist and feminist theories -- but for me, the client is always more important than the theory.

Folks have described me as honest, experienced, insightful, caring, challenging, relaxed, committed to helping, reliable, kind, no-nonsense, open, funny, genuine, perceptive, and professional.

As a chef, I believe good therapy feels like stretching pizza dough: we want your life big, chewy, crunchy, and strong. If we stretch too quickly, the dough rips. Work too hard without rest, the dough toughens and can't spread. Take things too easy, your pizza is a tiny dinner roll with no toppings. But when we stretch slowly, consistently and gently, resting and stretching - then your life becomes bigger, better, and much more satisfying.


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